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Application for Readmission

I request to re-enter Indiana Wesleyan University. I understand that since I have been out of the program for a period of more than six months, my file will be reviewed according to current requirements for the degree pursued. I understand that I must meet degree requirements as stated in the current catalog.

*Name:  Student ID:
 Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number: *Date of Birth:
*Current Address:
 Country *Zip/Postal:
*City: *State/Province:
 Home Phone: Work Phone:
*Email Address:
 Former Program:

I further understand that any pending financial obligations must be met and arrangements must be in place for financial responsibility prior to readmission. Also, any holds placed on my account must be resolved. If not, this form will be returned to me.

By checking this box, I signify that all the information I have provided above is correct and I agree to the conditions stated above. Date: August 13, 2022