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Financial Aid Estimator Questions:

Will you complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 10?

The FAFSA is the primary aid application nationally. Submitting the application electronically at by March 10th prior to starting school in the fall is very helpful for maximum aid eligibility consideration. Later applications will also be processed, but some aid may have been exhausted.

Expected Family Contribution (as determined from your FAFSA application).

This code number comes as a result of completing a FAFSA aid application. The EFC drives much of your aid eligibility. It is usually consistent between schools, so if you have seen your EFC you may enter it here. If needed, use our calculator link to estimate your EFC.

What was your highest ACT composite score?

IWU uses your highest composite score, giving you the benefit of your best test for scholarship consideration.

What was your highest SAT total score using just the English and math composites?

Do not include points from the writing portion of the SAT exam. Only the Critical Reading and Math composites should be totaled here.

What was your cumulative GPA (to one or two decimal places) at your last school on a 4.0 scale?

At least one decimal place is needed. For earned GPA’s greater than 4.0, enter 4.0 here.

What amount of scholarship will your church be contributing for our church-matching award?

IWU will match up to $900 of scholarship funds paid on your behalf by your church.

Show the amount of any IWU Service Grant you have earned.

Opportunities exist at IWU for some students to earn Service Grants for music performance contributions or through assisting the Athletic Department in various venues. If you have been awarded such an honor, give the dollar amount you expect to receive for the year here.

Show the amount of any IWU Athletic Scholarship you have earned.

Many athletes participating in IWU’s strong athletic programs receive scholarships. Contact the IWU Athletic Department for details.

Are you an active member of a Wesleyan Church?

IWU honors our affiliation with the Wesleyan church in special ways, including our financial aid packaging processes.

How much total funding have you earned due to winnings from Campus Challenge or Wesleyan Bible Bowl competitions?

These competitions are held annually through which Wesleyan students may qualify for scholarship funding.

Is your parent a fulltime pastor in a church?

IWU supports local church pastors who serve their congregations fulltime.